Overweight People and Gyms

Overweight People and Gyms

Gym Induction

Many overweight people feel awkward at going to a gym because they expect the gym will be full of fit people who will laugh at them. In fact, certainly at my gym, you will receive a welcome and you will find there are people of all shapes and sizes. If someone did notice that you were overweight you will find that the attitude is “Good for you” for coming to the gym to fight that weight problem.

Most gyms will offer an induction where they take you round the gym and explain what all the different machines do and how to use them. You wont just be left struggling.

At the induction you may be asked some questions about your goals and if you have any health issues. You will be surprised to see people of all shapes and sizes at the gym, and all age groups too. It will not be just you and a bunch of very fit people. When they show you round and introduce all the machines, if any one of them does not appeal then just say so. If all you want to do is just use the treadmill then that’s alright too.  Also, do not feel you have to run on the treadmill. I have arthritis and I am just not steady enough on my feet to consider running so I just walk. I have increased the speeds at which I walk and adjusted the incline and for half an hour of walking I will lose over 300 calories on average.

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